Quiz Me, I’m Yours!

Trivia Night

A General Knowledge (virtual) Trivia Night to benefit KSBCF – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

6:30 p.m. streaming on Facebook Live

Live-streamed from Lockdown – Play along from your bunker! enthusiasm

Looking for something to do for the Valentine’s Day weekend? Show your partner how smart you at another KSBCF Trivia Night!

How to play?

No need to register for the trivia night – the quiz will go live on the Kentucky School for the Blind Charitable Foundation’s Facebook page (you may want to set a reminder). Just be online and on this page at the right time and it will pop up.

You can play with your household or create a virtual team with some friends. Most people will stream on one device and use Zoom/Skype/FaceTime on a different device or window to collaborate with their team.

At the end of each round, submit your score at (website link provided night of quiz). Winner will be announced at the end of the quiz – good luck!

$50 gift card to Monnik for 1st Place!

Rules for Trivia:

  • No answers in the chat please
  • Please do not look up the answers (Google, etc.) – it’s all about fun J
  • Write your answer on a sheet, scrap piece of paper, note pad, excel sheet –whatever is best for you!
  • You will be scoring your own answers, so scout’s honor – remember, this is for charity
  • Have fun!